Eurovision Cheating, and the rule change that won’t stop anything?

So last Month in the press, it was reviled that Azerbaijan may have payed other countries to vote for them. I have always had strange suspicions about these jury’s.

It was never made clear who these people were and where they were.If you’re a Eurovision geek like me; you properly know that the Jury watches the Final Dress rehearsal and that all the jury’s are at the venue at the same time. There scores make up 50% Percent of the vote, and then the other 50% comes from the public.

So to get bit more info on the story I have small paragraph from the BBC News Website.

 ‘Organisers have been looking into recent claims that Azerbaijan – which came second this year – offered money to other countries in exchange for points. Mr Sand said the results of their investigation would take time, as they were “doing this very thoroughly”. “It`s important to find who is behind the alleged attempt, and if we find any wrongdoing that originates from a participating broadcaster, the Reference Group and the TV Committee will impose sanctions according to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest,” he said.’ –

So now; in the past years since 2009 the identity of jury members was not disclosed until after the final. To increase diversity, the musical professionals can only sit on the seat if they haven’t been involved in the previous two contests. To add accountability and clearance, the jury members names will be published before the contest.

I understand how this can help, because if these people are found collecting bribes or giving bribes it could damage their reputation. This is not enough I do not think! First We need to be realistic, and say that Eurovision is not always taken seriously by the music industry. It can also be hard to even remember what happens at Eurovision. So if anyone did cheat, I don’t think it would affect them that much.

I feel this rule is not well thought through at all. It seems that the EBU has just shrugged their shoulders, and thought of quick solution to show the media and the public, that they are doing something about it.

In my opinion it should be taken one step further. I think each jury shouldn’t watch the dress rehearsal, and they should watch the final from their own country. So each jury is separated completely from each other and should not to be in the venue during the contest. This is so they can’t come into contact with each other. They will also see what all the public will see on the night.

Do you think EBU isn’t doing enough? What do you think of my idea? Let me know and Comment below….