Does the BBC care about Eurovision?

They do, but for all the wrong reasons. Which UK Eurovision Fans will not like! 

First let me say, this blog Article is slightly surmised, as it is my own opinion on the matter.  Every year The BBC places an advert on unsuspecting viewers, that Eurovision is back.

Bonnie Tyler represented the united Kingdom in 2013 and only received

Bonnie Tyler represented the united Kingdom in 2013

Another year of Sparkle Dresses, Fun, Stupid songs, and The Nil points for the United Kingdom. Every Year Millions of UK Viewers sit down to watch it. Mainly because Its all a bit of fun to the Majority of viewers. It becomes a mission for them to try and watch the Whole thing. The traditional humour of the british commentator that says the things everyone is thinking, which we all love.  I think Graham Norton has really made it his own now, after taking over from Terry Worgan.

Graham Norton took over from Terry Wogan in 2009

Graham Norton took over from Terry Wogan in 2009

For the majority of viewers in the UK, It also becomes a yearly TV event what only happens once every year. Most UK Viewers don’t even know there is two semi finals!  People may watch it, because its demonstration of our failure. Which makes a perfect british comedy. We love a character who we can laugh at their misfortune. So this yearly event draws in loads of viewing figures for the BBC, for a number of versions .

 Lately in the british television industry, its all about viewing figure competition against every Channel. This is why the BBC loves it, because they know every year rubbish or not rubbish they will get the high viewing figures. 

 But do they actually care about the Competition?

 I feel like they don’t care about it too much. Would they like to win it and host it? I guess they wouldn’t mind, it would require more money being pumped into the show. This properly doesn’t matter to them, because it would draw in a lot viewers.  They wouldn’t go out their way to win it though. Why do they need to? They already get a High amount of views already.

The Last time the UK hosted the Eurovision was in 1998

The Last time the UK hosted the Eurovision was in 1998

This may seem reasonable to a few people. For people like me, fans of Eurovision it is disappointing. We would love to see the BBC enrol a great singer to the contest, so we could win it! I would absolutely love to see that, because I love the contest. It’s Fun , camp, Musical Night not to forget. An Event that doesn’t involve sport and its light hearted. Its a contest thats fun, silly and stupid, but also every country should take it seriously and want to win it,  because it gives the contest a quality to it.

Lets give the BBC a little break from all this Criticism. I think sometimes they do try, however to get any artist who could actually win the damn thing, is now becoming nearly impossible. Its a place where failing UK artist go, to hopefully relight their fame. The chances of them losing is very high, so its starting to become a no go area for artist.  Most Eurovision UK entry’s are banned from main stream music channels and stations. So if you enter Eurovision, your career could be over. So even if the BBC did try. It would be unlikely anyone would agree. 

 We just need a GEM, only once, so we could win it! I think we can win. We have been close before.  So how can we win?