Only 70 days till Eurovision Semi Final 1, is blasted onto our TV. So far 12 countries have revealed they songs. Only another 6 songs and we will be half way. Lets have a look at all 12 songs. Lets see if we like them.


Artist; Herciana Matmuja  Song; Zemërimi i një nate


Lets start on a positive side. It is a nice gentle song. Its a song that could easily make you nice and relaxed. In Eurovision though, I think it could be easily forgotten. The tune Doesn’t stand out. I think thats one of the bad points about the song. Mainly, because the singing is not in english.  Don’t get me wrong, Songs not sang in english can be very good.  The songs that are good, and that are not sang in english that do well; Win because of the great sounding tune and the performance. This hasn’t got neither one.


Artist;  Pollapönk  Song; Enga fordóma


What a Stupid Song! This song is one of those Eurovision songs that shouldn’t win. The performance looks like 80’s one with those costumes. ITS SO CATCHY THOUGH. I like it , but my head is telling me not too.  I wouldn’t mind if it got through to the final lets say. It’s not a winning song though.


Artist; Aarzemnieki Song;Cake to bake


Now this is a silly song. Im listening to these songs as I type. This is worse then the last one, and I don’t secretly like it either. it has a slight political view to it. The Acoustic songs at Eurovision have never done well either. It won’t win. I’ll be surprised if  it gets through to the Final.


Artist; Kallay Saunders András Song;  Running


I love this song. it has that  modern feeling to it. It doesn’t feel like the typical Eurovision song. This will stand out. I don’t know, if this will be good though. Sometimes songs that do stand out, Stand out too much, and looks out of place. I really hope this song doesn’t. I really like. I think Hungary have sent many good songs in recent years. They need to win soon. This may do. I wouldn’t mind if this won. Im a fan are you?


Artist; mariya yaremchuk Song; tick- tock


Now this what I call the Eurovision sound. Proper pop sound. I think a genre should be made called Eurovision pop. The recorded version sounds great. I think, when sung  live it will suck. I think the sound of the song is very dull. It won’t feel a stadium that the modern contest’s are now held in. It might make the final. It won’t win though.


Artist; Teo Song; Cheesecake


This song has such a nice tune. It’s a shame its got ruined by the lyrics. If it had a little bit more Jazz and better lyrics. It would be a quality song. Its a shame really. Its not good.


Artist; Firelight Song; Coming Home


Oh what a copy cat son! Basically this song is based on Mumford & sons. It might just be me, but I think it sounds so much like their song called “I will wait”.  You can decide if it does or not . This will always be in my mind though. So I’m going to say it won’t win.


Artist; Softengine Song; Something better


Its a good song. I like it. I’m a bit scared of it not doing well, because it doesn’t suit the Eurovision Song contest, I don’t think. If gets through the semi- finals. I think it will do good in the final. I think the semi-final will really be the Judgement call for this song. I like it though, I hope it does ok. Not a winner though.  I hope it proves me wrong and gets in the top 10. I don’t think it will though.


Artist; Tijana Dapčević Song; To the sky


Lets start with the terrible miming. I think Cheryl cole could do a better job then her. Its a nice song. its sweet. I think you could slimly link her to the singer PINK. It sounds nice. I like the song, when I’m only listening to it and not watching the video. It has a nice bass. It will do well i feel.


Artist; Sebalter Song; Hunter of stars


Country music YES. Its back. Sweet Cute title. This song has similarities to Norways winner 2009, Alexander Rybak. Its a lot worse though. I feel like they are trying there best to be good, and making it unique. It needs more work lads. Also you may want to change the song a little. I don’t like it. Some people may. I’m not sure how this will do.


Artist; Emma Marrone Song; La mia citta


OOOOh Italy. Im so close to being in  love with your song. It such a good song. Its not English, but i don’t care I like your song. It seems something is missing though. It might be because its not sang in english. I like it anyway.  Lets wait and see how it goes. Italy is doing good at moment at Eurovision. I think the novelty of them being in the Eurovision does help them, because they are new (well they rejoined) , and they are taking it seriously. The Eurovision audience is respectful of that. I hope it does well. Defiantly a top 10 finisher.


Artist; Ruth Lorenzo Song;  Dancing in the rain.


Before I listen to this song, I would like to say most British people will remember and know Ruth. We all know her from Xfactor in the UK. She came third or second if my memory serves me right. I can always remember her performing being great. So I’m hoping this song is top notch. You know what ruth. I think you do yourself justice in this song. I feel this song will never be favourite in the run up to the Final. If she pulls off a perfect performance, she will sneak up to the top. The song is great, its not brilliant but i don’t think it needs to be. It will do good. Top 10, I might dare to say.

thats only a few, but soon they will coming out thick and fast.