UK! Children of The Universe. It’s good.

The UK entry is Molly and her song Children of the Universe.OK, I haven’t blogged since finding out that the song would be revealed on march 3rd. I didn’t blog when it was rumoured it was Molly either. The reason why? Well because I wanted to wait till the song, and the artist was  revealed. Then also I wanted to see  the reaction from the public. So far all Positive.


First things first. My personal view is I love it! I think it suits Eurovision, but also brings forward the proper music industry into the light. These sorts of songs in the UK are very popular. Its catchy, and I just keep on singing, “power to people Oh Oh” Its good to see that the BBC does care about Eurovision I was wrong and I’m pleased they have proven me wrong. Lets get back onto the song. Its very contemporary, but cool with it. It shall stand out on the final.  I love the ending. For me this is the best part of the song. It has a pause and bursts right back into the chorus. Many eurovision songs just end all of the sudden.

After it was revealed and got onto the Eurovision website. I looked at many comments and they were promising. Here is only a few.


“UK !!! Greatest entry ever !!! With the people’s power straight to the top, Molly the universe is all yours this may. Lots of luck I hope this will win 12 points from Macedonia !!”

“Excellent, very cool, non typical. 12 points from Spain.”

“That’s what I’m talking about! This is music, smoething new, fresh and simply beautiful. Well done UK!”

Ok here is the song. After you listen to it (again or for the first time), I will discuss the things that could be improved, things that the BBC can help her with, And how to capitalise on this early popularity.

Lets first talk about improvements to the song. There is along way until Eurovision, well long enough for parts of the song to improve. The beginning needs to improve I think its a bit slow of the mark, which isn’t good for Eurovision, you want to grab the audience attention and make them watch. The reason is because, they have to listen to  20 – 24 songs your not going to pay attention to every single one. Also she sometimes she doesn’t  pronounce her words enough. Thats only two points to improve one. To be honest it seems perfect now. Imagine if these  small miner things could be fixed, this might be an unstoppable train? Maybe?

Also the BBC now needs to promote this song like mad. They need to get molly into different european countries advertising her song. I think this did help Jade Ewen a lot back in 2009, because everyone was learning her name.

Now she needs to have an amazing stage present, she needs to own that stage. If you look at all the winners at Eurovision, they fit into the stage. They look like they were meant to be there, built in. Thats why they win. They gave strong stage present. She needs to get everything right like lighting and everything.

We have this brilliant song, we need to make sure now we don’t waste this opportunity.