Molly Promotional Diary So Far.

After investigating I was able to find out some of Molly’s promotions she will be doing in the coming weeks. Not many european countries are shown. it is a start though.


Well we all thought her first performance after the launch would be Eurovision in concert. You will see this is not true in the list below.




First its the Graham Norton show. 

Well this has turned into a bit of a tradition, since Graham Norton was handed the crown of the eurovision commenter from Terry Wogan. This year is no different. Molly will perform children of the universe in her first (well sort of first) TV performance. This is where a lot more people from the UK will see her. I also wonder if any improvements (If there is any to be made) have been made, and if it has been changed slightly. In my opinion  it doesn’t need be changed or Improved.

She will Record the graham norton show on the 1st April 2014 

This however isn’t the broadcast date. This the date of her filming, but usually its on the same week.

So she will appear on the Graham Norton Show on the 4th April 2014.

If she won’t the recording is being saved for the last show in the series.


Graham Norton

Graham Norton took over from Terry Wogan in 2009


Eurovision in Concert. 

Well just the other day, Our twitter page asked molly directly when she  would be starting her promotion.  She did answer to our surprise.  This concert is also a bit of a tradition. She is showing a mark of respect to us die hard fans of eurovision. She is making the statement “I Care about eurovision as well” Im pleased she is going. Fans are properly still the minority of people who watch it on the night, because it’s a massive show. When it comes down to votes though, I believe we can really make difference, because There is a large amount of people who won’t vote who are watching it. 99% of eurovision fans like us though will vote.

She will be arriving in Amsterdam on the 5th april 2014




this a very famous night club in London. Café de Paris is a London nightclub, located in the West End, beside Leicester Square. It opened in 1924 and subsequently featured such performers as Dorothy Dandridge, Marlene Dietrich, Harry Gold, Harry Roy, Ken Snakehips Johnson and Maxine Cooper Gomberg. I can’t tell you much about the performance,  I guess its a nice little promotional performance for her.

She will perform there on 13th April 2014


Molly smitten downes a daring photo.

Molly smitten downes looking very stlyish


She will arrive in Denmark Copenhagen, on the 2nd May 2014, I think this is also her first Rehearsal date, so everyone look out for that. I would like to see molly do more european TV, lets hope they have a lot more planned.


Her interview.


Children of the universe.


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