The Past, The Present and the future. Eurovision 2014 – 2015.

So over 3 months ago, we had one of the best eurovision contests we have had in a while. (well in my opinion).  Our winner was Conchita Wurst, “The women with the beard”.


This winner was so popular the news of her win went viral, and travelled across the pond. Most americans where saying whats eurovision then? As everyone was talking about it. maybe we will see Worldvision Song contest in the future? Well until then lets look back on this years eurovision, but also look forward too the 2015 Eurovision song contest.

Eurovision 2014. 

After all the acts where relived mid-March, We had our favourites and the promotion tours started.  Some people thought it was a dead certainty that one man would win it. Odds were starting from 7/1 as early as march. Everyone was also getting excited about the eurovision stage, because it was a big secret. We also had some homophobic drama, going on during the promotion tour. The BBC and The UK also had one of the best songs they entered for a very long time.


Austria,  What went wrong. 






Aram MP3 video was very impressive it was like a short film. It got over 2 million views. For some time he was favourite. For about two months he was the favourite. So what happened? Well a numerous of things happened for his popularity to go down. He is the list of what he did wrong!


1. Being Homophobic, in a contest where a big portion of eurovision fans are gay and lesbian! #Stupidity.

He was asked of what he thought of the inclusion of Conchita Wurst at this year’s contest he replied that for him it’s “not normal”, “not adequate” and joked that “hopefully, we will help her to eventually decide whether she is a woman or man”

He also went onto say in a press conference.  

“I just realised that, after all, we will be on the same stage, because as part of the Eurovision all participants perform one song together. If you want to know my position, when I pass next to Kom aygi [A Gay Area], I speed up my car. In this case though being at eurovision, I will try to somehow put up with it.” 

So after all this are we not surprised that this happened in Amsterdam.



2. Having one of the most boring Personalities at eurovision! #YAWN.

Maybe that is a little bit harsh, I think the language barrier didn’t help him. He also kept on saying he was tiered. He might of done to much promotion, and not enough rest.


3.  Stage performance was rubbish, and he was out of tune.

All I need for number 3, is a youtube video of his performance.



Austria, What went so right!



So Conchita Wurst won this years eurovision. She wasn’t even in the top 3 favourites, until eurovision week. So what went so right.


1. She was spoken about, and the gay community stuck up for her.


After Aram MP3 said them homophobic ands transphobic comments against Conchita, the gay fans within the eurovision community really stuck up for Conchita. She also replied

” It seems as if Aram wants me to be a women, but i can say this to you aram my dear, i am a working woman and an incredibly lazy young man in my free time and that is not going to change. If you have problems understanding that, then I would be happy to sit down with you and explain it to you in more detail. and with your homophobic comments, that is a conversation that we really need to speak about.”


2. Her perfomance was actually really good, she became an icon for the eurovision fans.

Listen out for the cheers. She became an icon for the eurovision fans, and what eurovision is all about for the fans, not for the broadcasters or the country’s. .


The show. 

Here is  a playlist of my favourite moments from Eurovision 2014.

I have put the graham norton clip up twice, because The second one is the german Commenter swearing when the fireworks go off because they scare him.