2015 Eurovision News round up!! All The Eurovision News for 2015 So Far!

It’s been 5 months since Eurovision 2014. Plenty has been going on. So here is all the Eurovision news that has happened. Everything you need to know is here. From UK changing its selection process, to Selection Show dates.




United Kingdom New Eurovision Selection Process. 

We will start with the UK, because we are a British Eurovision blog!  So the the United Kingdom has once again changed its selection process. Well sort off….

They are still many routes they using to get a good song.   As they did last year, they  will be continuing to talk to record labels  and using BBC Introducing to find someone. They are also asking people to send in their songs to them by the 7th November.

We can make many Judgments on why the BBC are doing this.   The obvious one that most people are properly thinking is that they can’t actually find anyone to do it. So they have become desperate to find someone. This could be it.  Now I’m not a hater of eurovision, of course i love it. This however could be very true for the UK, because a lot of the British Music Industry Experts think that eurovision is bad and cheesy.  Radio stations also refuse to play eurovision songs.  2011 Eurovision entry Blue, did complain about the reaction that radio stations  have to playing eurovision songs. “They are just not interested, because it seems ‘Un-cool’ or not ‘Artistic’ enough for them to play the songs.”

2014 uk entry molly. Dancing with the queen of eurovision.

2014 uk entry molly. Dancing with the queen of eurovision.

The BBC does know that this happens. I Don’t think this is the reason though. I think the BBC have realised that getting old known artist just hasn’t worked for them.  A lot of artist who have won Eurovision had either very little success, or have been completely unknown before. There have been some artist who have won it, who have been very famous in areas of Europe. The UK however will properly never be able to do this, because of the perception the media has got of  Eurovision. So they next best thing is to do this!

There was many reasons why this process never worked for Molly last year. First she didn’t stick out in the Eurovision Media. If you stick out, and get written about a lot in the news it will reach folk that don’t really follow eurovision. The only people who really knew of Molly , were the Eurovision fans, because the song was good. We all know it  boils down to having a good song, but the thing that gets your song listened to0, is good media coverage. She was a little bit too shy to stick out. Second, The position of the song on the night. We all know if you are the last song, most people have made up there mind who they are voting for, and they will stick with it!


Read the full press realise/blog that come from the BBC website Here; www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/eurovision/posts/Looking-forward-to-2015


The Contest. 



The eurovision slogan for 2015 has now been realised. “Building Bridges.

Dr. Alexander Wrabetz, the Director General of ORF: “After the decision for Vienna as the host city and the nomination of the complete core team, we have set another important milestone on the way of organising the world’s largest TV entertainment event by choosing the slogan. With “Building Bridges” we have chosen a theme, the idea of ​​Europe with the uniting character of music and that in Vienna, the traditional capital of world music in the heart of Europe.”

The Director General continued: “The end of the Second World War marks the 70th time European countries shake hands with each other – in Austria, the country that has always assumed a central role as a mediating instance, as a bridge between the East and the West. We understand this slogan as a logical extension of the idea Conchita Wurst formulated at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and also lived: the importance of openness, tolerance across all borders for a joint interaction. With the song contest in Vienna, we want music to build bridges across borders, cultures and languages​​. In light of the unifying power of this great common European event, we invite all to build bridges and to join hands.” – Eurovision.tv

Is it just me, but has eurovision recently been obsessed with bridges?


The things you need to know about Eurovision 2015.


  •  The semi-finals will be held on 19 and 21 May 2015 and the final on 23 May.

  •  Tickets to go on sale mid-November.

  • It will be held in the  Wiener Stadhalle.

  • Ukraine Will not Participate in eurovision 2015. Cyrpus, serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will return.



     The Selection show Dates so far! 

  • Albania – 28th December 2014.

  • Cyprus – 1st February 2015.

  • Denmark – 7th February 2015.

  • Estonia – 21st February 2015.

  • Finland – March 2015.

  • F.Y.R Macedonia –  12th November 2014.

  • Malta – 22nd November 2014.

  • Moldova – 28th February 2015.

  • Sweden – 14th March 2015.

  • Switzerland – 31st January 2015.

  • Austria – 13th march 2015.

  • Germany – 5th march 2015.

  • Italy – 14th February 2015.