This is how the UK can win Eurovision again!!

People are always asking “Will the UK Ever win Eurovision again?‘. I think we might just be able to do it…. However there is a lot more questions to ask, and a lot more huddles to jump. This is how we do it! one main questions is, does the BBC care About Eurovision?


After Andy Abrahams 2008 failure, and Terry Wogan leaving.The BBC Started to try.

After Andy Abrahams 2008 failure and Terry Wogan leaving, the BBC Started to try.



Does The BBC Care About Eurovision?

Another year of Sparkle Dresses, Fun, Stupid songs, and The Nil points for the United Kingdom. Every Year Millions of UK Viewers sit down to watch it. Mainly because Its all a bit of fun to the Majority of viewers. It becomes a mission for them to try and watch the Whole thing. The traditional humour of the british commentator that says the things everyone is thinking, which we all love.  I think Graham Norton has really made it his own now, after taking over from Terry Worgan. There is a Culture difference when it comes to UK Viewers of the Eurovision. The Competition becomes a yearly TV event what only happens once every year. Most UK Viewers don’t even know there is two semi finals!  People may watch it, because its demonstration of our failure. Which makes a perfect british comedy. We love a character who we can laugh at their misfortune. So this yearly event draws in loads of viewing figures for the BBC. This why we enter every year.  The viewing figures are massive for the BBC! It helps because its only happens once a year, and its all a bit of fun. So This one reason why the BBC does love, and does care about EUROVISION.


 Do they actually care about Winning though?

.Would they like to win it and host it?  I think  they wouldn’t mind, it would require more money being pumped into the show. This properly doesn’t matter to them, because it would draw in a lot viewers, because it would be held in the UK.  The Publicity of the concert would sky-rocket in the country, from winning it the year before. So they wouldn’t mind winning, but I don’t think its going to be a BBC main priority. They already get high enough figures for the show. This may seem reasonable to a few people. For people like me, fans of Eurovision it is disappointing. We would love to see the BBC enrol a great singer to the contest, so we could win it! I would absolutely love to see that, because I love the contest. It’s Fun , camp, Musical Night not to forget. An Event that doesn’t involve sport and its light hearted. Its a contest thats fun, silly and stupid, but also every country should take it seriously and want to win it,  because it gives the contest a quality to it.

Katrina and the waves were the last British act to win Eurovision back in 1997. 17 years ago.

Katrina and the waves were the last British act to win Eurovision back in 1997. 17 years ago.



Since 2008, the UK has been trying hard. WE CAME 5TH IN 2009, LETS NOT FORGET THAT. I think it was good idea, getting ANDREW Llyod webber to compose, and also write the song for Eurovision was amazing.  We came 5th! So why didn’t we do this again? I think Andrew Lloyd Webber was just in the right place at the right time. He was working with the BBC at the time, and was properly easy to ask. He did a great job.  Him being on stage, and him writing the song really got our song talked about. They also put our 2009 entry Jade Ewen onto an amazing Eurovision Tour.  The main reason why I call Jades tour amazing, is because it was targeted at the right people! We selected our singer and shown our song in early February, this allowed a lot more time for the song to be heard. It also gave the oppunitity for Jade to go on tour to actually Eurovision Selection shows. The audience who were watching these selection shows are going to be more likely to watch and vote the Eurovision Final.

We also did OK, with BLUE in 2011! We came 11th! I think this is good comparing to how we have done in the past. Blue also came the HIGHEST SCORING act within in the PUBLIC VOTE. This is quit ironic, because before 2009 we would always (The BBC also agreed with it) That voting was unfair, and not realistic because of neighbourhood voting.  Then when we introduce half public vote/half Jury voting. So if it was just public vote. THE UK would have won in 2011.  One of the main reasons why i think we did so well, is because the song did appeal to a large amount of people. They were also not the oldest act of the world, trying to re-light their career. I wouldn’t mind seeing blue do the competition again.



Jade Ewen came 5TH in 2009!!!




Guy freeman in 2014, before the contest wrote a blog, about how he will changing the way we look at Eurovision, and why things haven’t worked out. He touched on many points, that I totally agree on. First he said using older stars to perform for us at Eurovision hasn’t gone down well for us. This is fact, because we did send the likes of Blue, bonnie tyler, and Englebert Humperdinck. Hoping to copy the success of having Andrew Llyod Webber on stage.  It give us success, because it got talked about. Like i wrote earlier her tour did Help massively as well. This however never really worked out for the rest of the acts. Blue did get respectable 11th, and came top in the Public Vote in 2011. We will come back to this later. Bonnie and Englebert both finished at the bottom of the table. So this wasn’t working.   I think the BBC have realised that getting old known artist just hasn’t worked for them.  A lot of artist who have won Eurovision had either very little success, or have been completely unknown before. There have been some artist who have won it, who have been very famous in areas of Europe. The UK however will properly never be able to do this, because of the perception the media has got of  Eurovision. So they next best thing is to do this!

So Guy Freeman Went to change this, and used BBC Introducing to find an artist. This was brilliant idea, and we got a brilliant singer and brilliant song. Molly however came in the middle of voting table. It wasn’t a bad song, or sung badly, It wasn’t due to a bad selection. she didn’t stick out in the Eurovision Media. If you stick out, and get written about a lot in the news it will reach folk that don’t really follow eurovision. The only people who really knew of Molly  were the Eurovision fans because the song was good. We all know it  boils down to having a good song, but the thing that gets your song listened too is good media coverage. She was a little bit too shy to stick out. Second, The position of the song on the night. We all know if you are the last song, most people have made up there mind who they are voting for, and they will stick with it! 

I hope Guy Freeman hasn’t given up hope of using this technique. I think this is one of best ways for us to win eurovision. Along side an internal selection.  However singers and bands, may look at molly’s result and feel like its not going to happen for them. Molly did however get a record deal out of eurovision still! This year he will be using BBC Introducing, and also record labels to look for our Eurovision act. He has also opened up applications from the public. Does this show that he is finding it hard for singers and bands to agree to do it? We just don’t know.

Read the full press realise/blog that come from the BBC website Here;


Molly Smitten downes Singing "Children of the Universe" in Eurovision 2014.

Molly Smitten downes Singing “Children of the Universe” in Eurovision 2014.





Well lets see how last years winner Conchita Wurst won for Austria last year.  When listening to all the Eurovision Music videos for 2014 before the show started, you wouldn’t of thought it was actually the best song of the competition. I reckon now looking back that the Netherlands song was the best. Her song did turn out to be good though! He was badly recorded, and when it came to performing it live, the bass was changed and become much more of a Eurovision power ballad. So a good song is still KEY to winning eurovision. Its the first step. There is a lot more steps however.

Conchita Wurst won because of many things. Firstly everyone stood up and notice this lady with a beard. Its strange, new, and exciting for everyone! Even for non-Eurovision fans! This is what you need to do! You need to cross into general public news, then just Eurovision news.  This only because you are then becoming news for everyone, not just for the people are looking for it. Conchita was also getting mentioned in the press a hell of a lot. The Armenia entry ARAM MP3, gave many homophobic remarks towards the press about Conchita! Saying things such as “I would just avoid him/her, and when I drive through a gay district in Armenia, I drive faster.” This made big headlines in the Eurovision news world. Especially because eurovision has a massive Gay following.


Then when it came to the night, she gave the powerful performance, she didn’t look lost on the stage, she was the key figure standing on this platform right at the front singing onto into the fans. She also became a fan favourite. She reperensted something a lot bigger for gay Community also. I think this however can not be repeated for a long while. She did have something special that made her stand out. It was also most like she was standing on that platform , and saying I just don’t care what you think of me. I’m proud to be me.







I have made many points on why we have done well, and why we haven’t done well.  Lets make a few points we should follow to get that perfect formula to win Eurovision.

  • First you need a good song. One that can appeal to a lot of people.

  • Have an early-ish announcement and then a good Promotional tour. When Jade Ewen came 5th in 2009. She was chosen in the early part of 2009, she had plenty of time to go onto Eurovision shows across Europe.

  • Make sure the act has some character, so when we see interviews we will remember them. This will also mean they will have articles written about them.

  • Have something that stands you out from the rest. This has been something cheesy in the past, sometimes it hasn’t been. You do need something though. Just make sure its not a human hamster wheel!!!

  • Have a good staging! If you look at this years performances from the UK. Molly looks lost, allowing the stage to look bigger and in gulp the performance. Conchita however the stage just becomes a back – drop. She is the centre of attention.

  • Have a good position in the final. This is however picked by the producers, in a cleaver away. They do it so people can’t turn over and then turn it back on again to watch there favourite acts. So they place the most exciting ones in the middle. So if you do all the above now. You should get a good placing.

  • You also need a lot of good luck. (Break a leg on the night)


I think the UK can win Eurovision again!  A lot of people say its just eastern block that vote for each other. if this was true, they would be winning all the time! In the past 10 years they have won 4 times. The other 6  times its been other countries winning Eurovision. There is also the point that the BIG 5 can never win, because people don’t like the idea of automatic qualifying. Germany was able to win it in 2010? I think the UK Sometimes does use the excuses to why they shouldn’t try, and its all a waste of space. These are just not true.

Its more of political contest. I agree to the point that politics, can be a powerful thing in Eurovision. In a bad way, but also in a good way. People vote for country’s because they see over country’s as their home land. This is the bad part of it. Good part is it allows the European people to show their views.


Terry wogan presenting Eurovision 1998, that was held in UK Birmingham

Terry wogan presenting Eurovision 1998, that was held in UK Birmingham























 We just need a GEM, only once, so we could win it! I think we can win. We have been close before.