Eurovision Song Deadline date 16th March!

In the next 4 weeks, Every Eurovision song will have to be realised! So don’t worry it won’t be long until we will here the BBC’S chosen artist and song for Eurovision 2015!



The Eurovision Head Of Delegation meeting is held on 16th and 17th March. The meeting really is to welcome all the head of Delegations to the competition, Gives them information, and the rest is just a party. This HOD meeting however means all of the eurovision songs have to be handed in and confirmed to the EBU and Eurovision. So this is the deadline date for all the songs! 


The Songs we have so far!



The vocals on this song are very powerful! She has a really good voice. The song though is everything we have heard before. I personally think it would be better if the song was in English. I know that sounds small-minded, but I really think that would give the song that extra spark. Songs can have that extra spark without being in english. However I just feel the song would suit being in english. I still really like this song she has amazing voice!


Its not a bad song. It is very pop. I don’t really like it! It’s very much the same as past eurovision songs. I would put this under a Eurovision genre if there was one. That doesn’t make it bad. It just means it’s not going to stand out on the night.



F.Y.R Macedonia


Slightly boring I don’t think it will go that far in the Competition.  It’s very ordinary. He sounds out of tune in some places. The song won’t fill the arena. The one reason why I think the UK didn’t as well expected last year.


Out of tuned and slightly painful when she hit the notes. It’s a good song i think. The singer Amber though isn’t a great singer. She brings the songs down to a low level of quality. If she could sing, and perform well. This song would stand a chance. Unfortunately the artist lets the song down. 


The Netherlands 

Since last years The Netherlands Big success of coming second. I think they have been able to learn from that success. This is song does have a slight eurovision feel to it. The good classic Eurovision feel though. I do like this song. It’s sounds like it could be a famous eurovision song. I think we should watch out for this one. 



A Song with the same name what! I must admit Malta warrior song is a lot better! This sounds very much like Ukraine songs last year. Well it has similar feel to it. Its not very good. It won’t stand out.


This has a few bad reviews. It has a lot of dislikes on Youtube! I really like it though :/. I don’t know if this one of those songs i get every year that I like, but not a lot of people do. Its upbeat, and very jazzy it sounds like proper pop song. Well done Denmark .



It is a very sweet song, but its one of those songs that will just get lost in the competition after all of those songs are performed. I do like it though. It will surprise me if it does well. 


I don’t like it :/. To put it simply. 


She doesn’t pronounce her words, so its sounds a bit mushy. I like the song though, its an ok song its one that will stand out and win though. 





Is it just me, or does she look like Spain’s Ruth from last year? This song has a nice bass to it. It just doesn’t do much for me :/. 


It is nice to hear a french entry sticking to the french language. It is a very pretty language. The song is bit boring though. 



Opera songs always get bit popular at eurovision, we always get at least one nearly every year. This year  its Italy. It is very Powerful Opera song. blows you head off a little bit. We all remember France being Favourites in 2011 with that opera song! I Don’t think this be a favourite or will win. I might be wrong though.