Not long until the UK’s Song Announcement! Twitter has been plagued with these rumours.

So today is the day! The day we finally find out who the UK’S eurovision act is, and we will  hear the song they will be singing. Lets go through all the rumours on twitter! Starting first with the one you properly have heard the most!


Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

This rumour really picked up speed in these last few days before the big reveal! Could this really be though? First the rumour came about a couple of months ago because of this statement on the bodyguard website.


Someone on twitter (which is not official source, so lets not take this statement seriously) said she also has a lot of time of before the 19! If this not true, this rumour is floored though because the rehearsal she needs to attend starts a week before this date. Then to add fuel to the fire a make up artist/designer posted this on twitter, on the same day Alexandra was photographed coming from a studio to record her new music video!

uk-video-shootHer management did however deny she was doing it! Could this just be an answer they had to give so they wouldn’t give the game away, it never came from the horses mouth. We will just have to wait and see! 



This band I have only seen creep up onto some eurovision blogs & twitter posts. It could be a good guess though they are proper band set in the ways, but just haven’t massive success yet. They do sound very good. What would really different that they come from Northern Ireland, Which i think would be pretty awesome to have. We do sometimes forget that Northern island is apart of UK. Guy freeman did say its big contrast from last year. This surely would be the biggest contrast of them all?

Tyler James


Tyler James is an English singer-songwriter, He came second on the first season of The Voice UK. All around twitter their was a rumour that  a photo of Tyler James,appeared on the BBC Eurovision website, before it was quickly pulled down! Could this be true, could we see Tyler James appear from behind that red curtain tonight?



There is a likely hood it good be a completely unknown artist! Lately the rumours have all been slightly famous people.  Guy freeman did say he would be talking record labels, and looking at BBC Introducing again, but he would also have a open submission System where anyone could send in a song. If they did actually pick a song from the open submission, it is very likely it will be an unknown artist.

 BBC Radio Nottingham interview with Guy Freeman (the interview with Guy Freeman starts at 02:16:30) :