The day after; My thoughts on THE UK’s eurovision entry! Electro Velvet!

So I have slept, and been thinking about our Eurovision entry. I think people where disappointed that it wasn’t any of the big names, that where in the rumours. I actually like it now. If you actually just listen to the song a couple of times its good! I’m still 50/50 on the song, its good, but needs improvements. 


 I am actually starting to like this song, it’s very fun. It needs bit more vocal work though, make the singers hit a good note. It also needs more of a chorus, its very hard to actually pick out the chorus. This makes it feels like it hasn’t got a rhythm.  I think with a few improvements this good actually be a really contender. It just needs a little help by a real producer to put it on its feet. 

Depending on how good this song can be sung live, will be the really decider. Along with the performance. You could be fooled into thinking they could have loads of dancers in neon lights on the night! Lets not forget though, you cannot have more than five performers on stage. The song needs more vocals for defiantly. The lady who sings on the song does sound like she talking :/. It needs more singing notes! Her voice grains on me, even when she speaks. The man however sounds brilliant, maybe this songs would be better with just him?

This is a song though would benefit being in the semi-final. You would hear it once and it would be in your brain, the second time you can’t help but hum the song. I defiantly was after the second time i heard it. I did actually hate it at first. 



All in all though, I don’t think it is as bad as people are saying it is. It’s very much marmite song, If the song is improved a little, It should be good. Remember Jades song my time in 2009 , that did go through a couple of changes. If there is few more notes hit, and the performance is good, it could really stand out and be very fun.