1eurovisionblog.com Is a British Eurovision dedicated Blog website! We have the latest British eurovision NEWS! REVIEWS! VIDEOS! INTERVIEWS! That doesn’t mean which meaningless Promotional site! We will review UK’S Eurovision acts, and give you our personal opinion.

We also be analysing every part of Eurovision!

Then there is our POLL! we call it OUR POLL OF ALL POLLS!  It’s the Ultimate Eurovision Poll Results. We will Collect results from 14 Eurovision polls. (if know of any more polls, please let us know) We will then give there top 10 results a eurovision score . For example say our poll “1eurovision Blog poll” had the results; Ukraine 400 votes, Estonia 300 votes,  Iceland 200 votes,  and Switzerland 100 votes. Ukraine would get 12 points, Estonia 10 points,  Iceland 8 points, and Switzerland  7 points, and so on.

We do this system for each poll we include, and then add all the points up in a eurovision fashion.If you know of any more polls please post them too me.




This is where you can find the latest UK’S Eurovision act’s Images! Music! Interviews! External Articles! Videos! It’s a dedicated Page to all things UK Eurovision!



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