UK! Children of The Universe. It’s good.

The UK entry is Molly and her song Children of the Universe.OK, I haven’t blogged since finding out that the song would be revealed on march 3rd. I didn’t blog when it was… Continue reading

UK’s Eurovision act to be revealed on March 3

Just a quick article as the news has came in, that the UK Eurovision act will be revealed on the march the 3rd It has been confirmed by the BBC.  the mystery artist… Continue reading


Only 70 days till Eurovision Semi Final 1, is blasted onto our TV. So far 12 countries have revealed they songs. Only another 6 songs and we will be half way. Lets have… Continue reading

Dates of all the Countries Eurovision songs being revealed.

34 out of 37 have confirmed that they will be relised  in the coming month (scroll down for all the dates) , However i feel at least two of the remaining three will also… Continue reading

The New 2014 Eurovision Theme

Once again there is a new Eurovision Art Theme. This year they have done a rather good job. So DR1 the Denmark Channel, have done a rather good job of the new art… Continue reading

Does the BBC care about Eurovision?

They do, but for all the wrong reasons. Which UK Eurovision Fans will not like!  First let me say, this blog Article is slightly surmised, as it is my own opinion on the matter.… Continue reading

Eurovision Cheating, and the rule change that won’t stop anything?

So last Month in the press, it was reviled that Azerbaijan may have payed other countries to vote for them. I have always had strange suspicions about these jury’s. It was never made… Continue reading